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May 24, 20200

Hardwood kitchen worktops are a classic look in a kitchen adding a natural beauty , they all look fantastic on installation but as with any surface they wi degrade over time, discolouring and becoming susceptible to stains but with a little tender loving care these worktops can be restored to their former glory.

Step One.

Removal of the old finish.

The old finished of this worktop had degraded to the point where areas had become sticky and was becoming easily marked and discoloured in areas.

The sticky areas were scraped back using a razor scraper, the mastic seal at the edges between the tiles was removed then the surfaces were thoroughly sanded using the Festool Dustless Sanding System .

Dustless Sanding

Its essential all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned down



There are a few products suitable for Hardwood Kitchen Worktops the most popular being Tung Oil and Danish Oil, both offer a beautiful matt finish but with the caveats that they need to be re-applied on a regular basis, ideally every six months, so in effect they are not the most robust of finishes.

The worktops above were finished using three coats of Osmo Top Oil which is a Microporous natural hard wax-oil wood finish we opted for the satin finish which dries with a beautiful low sheen and is accurately described on their site as

“Water repellent and dirt resistant. this finish is resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water, these types of liquid spillages will tightly bead on the surface without leaving any marks, simply clean by wiping with a cloth.”

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