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May 28, 20200

Quick Tips

Helpful decorating tips for the enthusiastic DIY-er that could save time, money and a headache!


To the professional painter windows pose no problem to paint but to the average DIY homeowners that may not be the case.

DIY- er issues.
  • Cutting in
  • Puttying up
  • General finish

Unless you have quality brushes and a steady hand don’t be afraid to mask them up but do not use normal masking tape, be sure to use the correct tape… be sure to use a low tack tape from scotch tape or frog tape, these tapes use a water based adhesive, will keep the lines crisp and remove easily .

Replace old loose putties by raking them out with a scraper or putty knife and replace using a good quality putty I’d recommend Toupret Glazing Putty which is non oily and easier to work with than traditional linseed oil putty.

To achieve that pro finish start with good prep work and use trade quality paints, thoroughly clean down and prime any bare wood then if using oil based paints apply 1 Undercoat and 1 or 2 coats of gloss.

Paint – use quality paint

Sounds obvious but this is important the decorating tips, use quality paint, but what is quality paint !

This is an easy mistake to make, Dulux ! Crown ! Both are quality paint manufacturers but there are two versions of these paints …. the general retail version and the trade version.

Trade quality paint makes the difference

The trade paints contain much higher quality pigments, have much higher opacity, your surface will require fewer coats and the paint will generally go further and give a higher quality finish so if possible purchase your paint from your local trade paint store and look for trade written on the tin.

Removing Wallpaper.
  • Damaged walls
  • Vinyl Wallpapers
  • Tradition papers
  • Painted papers

Damaging walls is a common problem when removing old wallpapers which just creates more work but can be avoided by using the correct process.

Vinyl Wallpapers.

Vinyl Wallpapers can be removed by gently peeling back the top layer revealing the backing layer of paper, this is easily removed by soaking the wall by brushing on warm water , allow to soak for ten minutes the re apply water and the backing will easily remove with minimal damage this method of soaking works well with traditional wallpapers.

Painted Papers.

Painted wallpapers can be problematic to remove and require some specialist tools to be successful, one such tool is the Paper Tiger which gently scores the paper allowing for the water to penetrate when soaking. The other essential tool is the “Steam Stripper” this will remove mostly any paper but be careful to not over heat the wall as this could cause the plaster to “Blow” (release from the wall).

The Correct Paint Finish.

The correct paint finish can not only make your painting project look great but also make it stand the test of time.

Interior Wall Finishes.

  • Flat
  • Matt
  • Soft Sheen
  • Eggshell
  • Silk
  • Gloss

Flat – If you have a large wall that catches the light that is in not too good a condition, as in having an uneven surface , then a flat finish is ideal as it will hide many of the walls imperfections, Dulux offer a Durable Flat Finish that is also suitable for high traffic areas, Little Greene paint company also offer a superb Flat Durable Emulsion called “Intelligent Matt” that was used in this Period Hallway project.

Matt – The general finish in most living rooms, dries with a slight sheen and is wipeable to a degree.

Soft Sheen – This offers a mid sheen finish comparable to Eggshell and suits walls in very good condition with few imperfections and can be wiped over.

Eggshell – Offers similar features to soft sheen but is more durable and can be used on woodwork too.

Silk – This finish used to be the rule for Kitchens, Bathrooms and high traffic areas but due to its high sheen level has a propensity to show any faults in the walls.

Gloss – Generally used for woodwork but can also be used on walls to great effect as show in this link.

Quality Paintbrushes.

Quality paintbrushes really do make all the difference to achieving a great looking finish, these days most brushes are made of synthetic bristles which are suitable for use in all paints, they hold their shape in water based paints and leave minimal brush marks and if good quality have no loss of bristles, its also important to use the correct brush type and size for your particular task, windows and trim work suit brushes of 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches, and a 2 inch brush is good for doors, walls painting brushes are usually from 2 1/2 inches up.

Purchase quality sundries below to help with your D.I.Y projects.

Purdy Monarch Elite Paint Brush Set.

3M Scotch-Blue 2090 Safe-Release Crepe Paper Multi-Surfaces Painters Masking Tape

Zinsser Paper Tiger Triple Head Wallpaper removal tool.

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