Decorating SundriesYellow Frog Tape


Masking Tape for delicate surfaces, 36mm x 41.1m. Indoor Painting and Decorating for sharp lines and no paint bleed


Painters Masking Tape for Delicate surfaces. Designed for use on fresh paint ( 24hours, minimum) . Before painting you can leave in place for up to 60 days if not in direct sunlight. But once painted we would advise to remove immediately (as you would for any masking tape). The results will amaze you – giving you the sharpest lines possible. This is down to FrogTapes uniqueness in that it is is the only masking tape with PAINTBLOCK TECHNOLOGY. The super absorbent polymer reacts with the moisture in the paint to create a microbarrier – the result a professional straight line every time. The sharpest lines possible, making touch ups a thing of the past. It will save you time and money. (36mm x 41.1m).


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