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June 2, 2012

News – HSE Focus on Self-Employed Contractors

Falls from height remain the largest cause of fatal and serious injuries in the construction industry and self-employed workers, have a duty to protect themselves and others while working

Falls from height remain the largest cause of fatal and serious injuries

The picture above demonstrates the danger some people are prepared to place themselves in, although these contractors are responsible for their own health and safety the consequences of a serious accident would be felt by all those involved including the customer who hired them, how would you feel to see your property being painted using such methods? it may have been a reasonable quote but it could have a much higher price!

Dustless Sanding

Thorough surface preparation is crucial for any decorating project to reach a high standard of finish on completion but during this process harmful dust can become a health hazard for both the contractor and the customer and a dustless sanding system can greatly minimise this issue. We currently offer dustless sanding as standard using Festool mobile dust extractors which can collect up to 99% of dust generated during sanding.

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