A certain privilege is felt when working on such an historic local landmark building such as this beautiful Grade two listed Watermill, during its lifetime the Mill offered work directly and indirectly to thousands of local people over a period of hundreds of years, having a family history local to the area dating back to the 17C its quite likely some of my ancestors benefitted from the economy of the Mill maybe some worked in or on the Mill as I am now.

The Exterior Painting was completed in the Summer of 2021, Weatherboards Windows Gables and Doors were finished in traditional Oil Based White Gloss keeping in form of how the building would have originally been finished, an interesting video showing an early renovation of the Mill can be found here “The Mill’s life”




Materials Used

Woodwork. Crown Trade White Oil Based Gloss.
Wall Colour. White.
Iron Work. Bedec Satin Black Multi Surface Paint.
Cost > £14,000


The Interior of this cottage was decorated using a muted colour palette from Neptune Paints. which has 28 timeless paint shades in both Eggshell and Emulsion with the Emulsion offering a beautiful very matt luxurious finish.


Interior Painting – Materials Used


Walls. Neptune Matt Grey Oak.
Woodwork. Neptune Eggshell Shell.
Bedroom Ceiling. Neptune Matt Shell.
Doors. Neptune Eggshell Grey Oak.

Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting

The Exterior Painting of this traditional Essex Cottage was completed in the Summer of 2020, originally the woodwork of the windows was finished in Sadolin Woostain which was then changed to a White Full Gloss finish transforming the look to a more classical traditional style in keeping with the period of the house.

The Walls were re-rendered  then finished in Valspar Smooth Masonry Paint all carpentry repairs were carried out by Howard Jopson Carpentry Services.

Exterior Painting – Materials Used

Walls. Valspar Smooth Masonry Paint.
Woodwork. Crown Trade White Oil Based Gloss.
Wall Colour. Valspar Good Earth.
Cost > £6000

exterior cottage painting
exterior cottage painting
colour fade
colour fade
exterior cottage painting prep work
exterior cottage painting prep work
exterior cottage painting power wash
exterior cottage painting

This Exterior Cottage Painting was first completed in 2007, 2012 and now in 2020, the original post can be seen here.The walls were filled using TOUPRELITH F Masonry repair filler and the walls were finished in Sandtex Fine
Texture Masonry paint in Sunset Boulevard , as can be seen in the picture this colour is prone to fading although when it does eventually fade it fades to an even colour that is still attractive.

The cottage belong to James and Sarah who are in my testimonials.

Materials Used

Woodwork. Dulux Trade Exterior Ultimate Woodstain.
Walls.  Sandtex® Fine Textured Masonry Paint.
Colour. Sandtex Sunset Boulevard.
Filler.Toupret Touprelith F Exterior Masonry Repair Filler.
Cost > £1500.


Bedroom painting

Bedroom Renovation and Painting showing extensive preparation work to Ceilings and Walls showing stripping and oiling of Oak Beams.


Materials Used

Woodwork. Crown Trade Oil Based Eggshell.
Ceilings.  Dulux White Vinyl Matt.
Walls. Dulux White Vinyl Matt.
Oak Beams. Boiled Linseed Oil.
Cost > £1500


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