Period Cottage Painting

Period Cottage Painting was first painted by myself back in 2007, back then the Cottage had recently been renovated and re- rendered, on first inspection the condition of the painted render looked sound and in reasonable condition but with a small amount of cleaning down it was clear that the previous paint application had failed and most paint, as seen from the photos


Failed paint was removed using pressure washing, a penetrative sealer was then applied then filled
followed by 2 coats of Dulux Weathershield masonry paint. The failure of the previous paint was caused by poor preparation and application.

In 2013 I was contracted to re paint the cottage, after 6 years the general condition of the render was in reasonable condition the previous preparation in 2007 had worked to maintain the integrity of the render and after a thorough pressure wash to remove algae the paint remained sound, the main visible defect being colour fading, since 2007 many of the more vibrant exterior masonry colours have been removed by Dulux and other paint manufacturers due to their lack of colour fastness.

The property has now been re painted using Sandtex smooth masonry paint in sunset boulevard, more detailed pictures can be viewed on my portfolio page portfolio