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Entrance Renovation. Paint Removal System Painting and Renovating older properties can present certain issues especially when dealing with paints that where manufactured before 1978 which could contain lead and which pose the risk of lead poisoning , heightened during removal by dust and fumes. The paint on the woodwork on the Columns and Surround of this...

I’m pleased to welcome Lexie to the team, with her ferocious looks, fast reactions and nose for smells combined with her experience in spotting squirrels at 200 metres giving her a sharp eye for spotting sandwiches dropped at lunchtimes. Lexe will be working under the close guidance of Spud the dog who is planning to...

Period Cottage Exterior Painting This Period Cottage was first painted by myself back in 2007 and back then the Cottage had recently been renovated and re- rendered, on first inspection the condition of the painted render looked sound and in reasonable condition but with a small amount of cleaning down it was clear that the...

My first post! a bit tongue in cheek but fences need to be maintained too, a fence can add a substantial cost to any painting project, not only can they can be a very time consuming but also use up your painting budget in expensive paint. Oil based undercoat and gloss is the traditional materials used...

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